Bio- revitalization 

Biorevitalization is the revitalization of skin in a biological way by returning life to the skin. This is a non-surgical and widely applied way to fight skin ageing and various skin problems in aesthetic medicine.

This technique was discovered by Italian scientists. During the procedure, the skin is injected with small doses of pure hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. Hyaluronic acid is the main structural element of connective tissue. It stimulates many important processes in the human organism.

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This Beauty Booster provides an immediate subtle plumping with dermal moisturization and hydro balance, but the real magic happens in the weeks to months after the treatment session, when it provides dermal regeneration, improvements, and strengthening of the extracellular matrix, and a collagen-boosting effect. This combination of effects results in tighter, more hydrated skin and a smoothing effect that can reduce the appearance of folds and deeper wrinkles.

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Biorevitalization is a procedure that originated from mesotherapy and gives an effect faster than mesotherapy, but it lasts less. On the other hand, Mesotherapy is the basis of all injections. Both procedures are very effective, which is proven in practice.

Is usually performed on the face, neck, decolletage, and hands, as these areas are mostly damaged by the sun. However, there are cases when bio revitalization is performed on other body parts.

Biorevitalization causes discomfort rather than pain. Because hyaluronic acid is a thick substance, you will definitely fill it. However, if you have very sensitive skin, professionals can minimize unpleasant feelings with the help of an anesthetic gel.

What problems does the procedure solve?

  • Facelift

  • Prevention of aging

  • Lightening age spots, scars, and acne,

  • Skin hydration

  • Elimination of cellulite, stretch marks,

  • Hair restoration after a loss.

  • Eliminates small wrinkles,

  • Improves skin elasticity and tone,

  • Evens out skin texture tightens pores,

  • Quickly get a noticeable anti-aging effect,

  • Short and simple procedure,

  • Fast recovery period,

  • Affordable in comparison with other anti-aging procedures,

  • Chemicals are close to the components of skin metabolism,

  • Lack of age restrictions.

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How long does the effect last?

Biorevitalization treatment consists of 3 to 5 sessions. The number of sessions depends on the initial skin health. Professionals usually advise on 15 to 30 days break between each session. Intervals in treatments are important for achieving better results. 

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What are possible side effects?

After Biorevitalization there will be redness and slight pain on the spots of the injection, as well as minor swelling, which will disappear after a maximum of 24 hours.


  • Fever,

  • Epilepsy,

  • Malignant tumors,

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Infectious and inflammatory processes at the site of the procedure,

  • Individual intolerance to the composition of the drug,

  • Herpes aggravation,

  • Taking drugs to thin the blood.

  • All injections are prohibited for pregnant and lactating women!

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