CBD Acne Remedy

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CBD is extremely beneficial for treating acne due to its soothing anti-inflammatory properties. This beauty and healing facial was made to combat Acne's inflammation, reduce oil production, and combat acne bacteria.

Acne is a condition that occurs when excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells clog pores. The bacteria Propionibacterium acnes can build up in the pores, causing angry, red blemishes. 

With this in mind, acne treatment involves keeping the skin clean, free from acne-causing bacteria, and cutting back on excess oil that can clog the skin. 

Most of the research surrounding acne and CBD is related to CBD’s power in stopping the processes known to cause acne, such as excess oil buildup. One of the most promising studies was published in The Journal of Clinical InvestigationTrusted Source

In this study, researchers measured the effects of CBD compounds on human skin samples and oil-producing glands in a laboratory.

The researchers found that CBD inhibited oil production and also had anti-inflammatory effects on oil-producing glands. They concluded CBD was a “promising therapeutic agent” for acne treatment

What benefits does CBD oil have on Acne-prone skin and why should we use it?

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions we see in adults and teens. 

-CBD is an anti-inflammatory that will help reduce redness and soothe the skin. 

-The oil also has the ability to adjust how your skin produces sebum, sebum is the oil your body -produces to help protect your skin from environmental factors, however, when your skin overproduces sebum, it has the ability to mix with other pollutants, dirt, built-up dead skin cells causing the oil to become trapped underneath your skin, resulting in acne. 

-Cannabidiol also has antibacterial and anti-fungal effects which is another main cause of acne.

CBD Booster is a versatile, vitamin-rich serum that is brilliant in the treatment room and ideal for home care recommendations. Lightweight, fast-absorbing

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Is CBD a strong Antioxidant?

CBD is a powerful antioxidant, more powerful in fact than Vitamin C & E! Antioxidants help to protect our cells and their functions to keep them healthy and active, preventing premature aging in the skin.

Will CBD get you high?

No, CBD is a different strand from THC. THC is the chemical compound that is responsible for psychoactive effects. CBD is derived from HEMP and is an antioxidant that has NO Psychoactive compounds - it’s strictly healing.

What is the difference between HEMP and Marijuana?

Hemp and Marijuana are close relatives and come from the same plant however they are not considered to be the same thing. HEMP contains CBD, the non-psychoactive compound where Marijuana contains THC which is the psychoactive compound responsible for the “high” effect. 

Is this safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers?

Please consult with your physician regarding using CBD for expecting or breastfeeding mothers.

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